Thumb-Through: Tilting At Windmills

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Kat Throws Snowballs at the Fed Building Protesting Feds' Presence 09 Kat Tells the Feds Where To Go 10 Jim Brings The Snow From Afar Kira Surveys the Scene Lauren Captures the Scene Mighty Jim! Richard and John Sing Their Woes Richard Likes Mike Richard Russell Short and Succinct Take That! The Tilters The Tilters activists arrive in January Tilting01 Tilting02 Tilting03 Tilting04 Tilting05 Tilting07 Tilting08 Tilting09 Tilting10 Tilting11 Tilting12 img longdesc= img longdesc= 01 Jim Makes a Wall Mighty Jim Sword-in-Hand Shawn Death (and Taxes) The Golden Boobies of Mambrino Oversee the Torture of A Guantanamo Detainee Our Saviors Lauren Sure Is Happy About Those Feds Leaving NH Hodgpodge of Activists John on Guitar Fast-hand John Kat Won't Pay Taxes Shawn Demands Surrender of the Feds The Feds Say Nothing to the Surrender Terms Shawn Looks Dejected, But We Accept Fed Silence as Acceptance of their Surrender! Taxes Paid for the Federal Courthouse A Knight-errant's Sword Attacks Taxes (and the Feds) Inseperable Lauren Records John Cute Protestors Cutest Activists Ever Picnic In The Park After Tilting Frisbee Lessons Lauren Wants the Feds Out Turn to the Right, Prisoner! Warrior Frees The Prisoner Family of Evil Anton Lee Records the Scene 17 Don't Tread On Me ^2 Cocked and Ready Don't Tread On Me Tilting06 Mike Barskey and The Prisoner Tilting at Windmills in April 2010 Death and Taxes 1 Death and Taxes 2 Death and Taxes 3 Death, Taxes, and Warriors John, Warrior, Prisoner, Lauren Lauren Canario Interview Prisoner Taxes at the Court Warrior at Court Warrior Vs. Taxes Arrgghh Chris & Shalon Want to Be Free Jeff Knows How to Govern Himself John and Rich want the Feds out of NH Lauren and her Liberty Kazoo Lauren Interviews Jim Lauren Interviews Russell Outside the Fed Building Practice Levitation Don't Tread on Them Lauren, Kat, and Jim Messages for the Feds 02 Kira is Cold 04 Build That Wall! 05 Don't Tread On Us, Feds! 07 Signs for the Passersby Stephanie & Jeff Torture Is Never Right Up Yours, Feds, With a Snowball! 06 Don't Tread on Jim 08 Chris Wants the Feds Out 11 Russell Builds a SNow Wall 12 Jim and Mike Build the Snow Seige Wall 13 Mike Adds To the Wall 14 Mike and Kira At Work 15 Don't Tread On Me 16 Mike and Kira Shovelling 18 John Waves the Flag 21 Talking to Someone Who Stopped By 03 Lauren Power-shovels Don't Mess with That Sword! Jim Attacks the Eye of the Giant John Rocks Out 20 Running Out of Snow! Jim Threatens the Photographer Another Attempt to Slay the Beast A Swing and A Miss! John Rocks a la Pete Townsend 19 Lauren Waves the Snake Russell and Kat Kira Is No Public Servant
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