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A place to share images and videos relating to liberty activism in New Hampshire. Share your images and videos here, organize them via tags, download others' images and videos to use in your projects.

Welcome to NH FAIR!

Thank you for using NH Fair: the New Hampshire Freedom Activism Image Repository!

Our goal is to be a central location for decentralized media covering the liberty movement in New Hampshire. If you have images on your computer, videos on YouTube, or audio files on Odeo, you can upload them or link to them here. The benefit of this is that anyone else can them easily find and utilize your media files for their purpose: a newspaper report, a blog post, a website article, a printed flyer, etc.

NH FAIR also provides tools to make it much easier to locate appropriate images/videos/audio files. There are 3 levels of tagging that each media file can have: Event, Tags, and Activists. For example, if you have an image from a 420 celebration that contains John and Jane in it, you could tag it like this:
EVENT: 420 Keene
TAGS: marijuana, protest, rally, celebration, outreach, Keene
ACTIVIST: John Doe, Jane Smith

By clicking the various tag names on the right side of the website, NH FAIR users can easily find the pictures they need for their project. For example, if you need images of the activist John Doe, click on his name (under Activists) and you'll see all the images that have been tagged with "John Doe." If you want to view all images from the 420 celebrations in Keene, you could click the "420 Keene" tag on the right (under Events).

Each image/video/audio file can also have a title and description. It is easy to enter some basic information here - just a few words, perhaps. NH FAIR's "Search" function will display all results of the term(s) you search on, whether the term exists in a tag or in a title or description. For example, if the description for the photograph in the above example was "420 Celebration in Central Square in Keene, NH" (notice that the words "Celebration" and "Central Square" were not used in any tags), someone searching for the term "celebration" would find this image.

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