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Festival in the Rain banner Anarchy In Your Head Kellie & Ryan sell tamales and hot dogs Waiting for the band to play Mail-to-Jail table Rumors of War setting up White makes balloons Jenn & friends sell baked goods Jenn & friends sell baked goods Balloons = happiness Free Keene Fest in the rain banner Jenn peaks from beneath her balloon hat Lou rocks out Cooper and Josh Jesse sells pizza Josh rocks out Cooper, Andrew, and Josh Cooper rocks out Lou on guitar Nice hat! Awww. Cute bear. Kellie prepares a tamale Ryan pimps his hot dogs to Joe Chris is always happy Chaz talks to non-activists Bill stays dry and warm Listening to the band A concert in the rain Open-carrying A festival, despite the rain When the rain gets harder, people congregate under the tents Aida sells her jewelry Ian examines the signed porcupine mmmmmm Smoking Marijuana in Veterans Park "A Minor Revolution" plays Ryan rocks A Minor Revolution A Minor Revolution Playing for the crowd People enjoying the 420 celebration the 420 participants enjoying a concert Richard dances Cass & Candice dance Protestors outside the jail Ridley records the event Antigone comes from CA to protest "No Crime, No Time" Bill is pissed at the abuse Kurt received Bill tells 'em what's what The prisoners approve More prisoners watch from their cells Unknown, cowardly protestor Jeremy makes sure the guards can read his sign Amy doesn't like jails Amy forces a smile, despite the horrendous subjugation at hand Dale is not mincing words Hunter and Michelle talk with Aubern Time to walk around the jail Walking around the jail so more prisoners can see Outside the prisoners' "outdoor area" More prisoners' windows Ridley Report on the scene! Nope, that's not a fed Anarchy in your Head 1 FKF 1 Keith chalking Muskus Family img longdesc= Mt Cardigan hike - Burning Porcupine 2008 Burning Porcupine 2008 Porcupine Freedom Festival 2007 Porcupine Freedom Festival 2007 Porcupine Freedom Festival 2007 FSP at the CT Liberty Fourm 2008 FSP flyers A flyer on the back of another flyer FSP flyers in books FSP website chalked NHLiberty website chalked FSP Flyers FSP flyers FSP Flyers FSP flyers FSP Flyers FSP and FTL flyers FTL flyers FTL flyers Flyers for Fall Freedom Ride 09 Freedom supplies Freedom Crossing Monument Freedom Crossing Monument in Lewiston, NY Canada Josiah Tryon Buckle Up Rest area or restaurant? Bench Be on the look out No Dumping Ciniacousia Smoking Mistake img longdesc= img longdesc= img longdesc= img longdesc= img longdesc= Arrgghh Chris & Shalon Want to Be Free Cocked and Ready Don't Tread On Me Don't Tread on Them Jeff Knows How to Govern Himself John and Rich want the Feds out of NH Kat Throws Snowballs at the Fed Building Lauren and her Liberty Kazoo Lauren Interviews Jim Lauren Interviews Russell Lauren, Kat, and Jim Messages for the Feds Outside the Fed Building Practice Levitation Protesting Feds' Presence Russell and Kat Stephanie & Jeff Torture Is Never Right Up Yours, Feds, With a Snowball! Ahhhh, Fire! Bob's Socks and Crocs in the Snow Bonfire in the Snow Burn Baby Burn Burning an Effigy of Tyranny Burning UN Flags-2 Burning UN Flags Coze Heat in the Wintertime Friends Around a Fire-2 Friends Around a Fire Gryffyn meets Ranger Gryffyn Into the Fire! Jim's Wheel of Fortune John Burns the First UN Flag John Makes UN Flags to Burn Just 'Cuz Kira Burns Her Flag Looks Warm Making Flags Mike and Ranger Drive Barskey's RV Mike Blows His Nose at the UN Muhammed Prepared his UN Flag for Burning Next! Rich Lugs the Fuel Russell Feeds the Fire Stephanie Lowers Her Flag Into the Flames Stephanie Stays Warm Stephanie's UN Flag is Aflame Tada! The Fire Grows Warms of Fire and Friends Watching the Flags Burn William Stokes the Fire Williams Asks the Wheel Questions Warming Up in Mike's Motorhome Walking to the Ocean The Preparatory Walk Crossing the Tundra All Aboard for the Polar Bare Plunge! Snow to Sand to Ocean Pre-Plunge Stripping Down Preparing to Get Cold Jeff Leads the Pack Jeff Spies an Oncoming Wave Everyone Into the Ocean! Brigitte Doesn't Look Happy Darrin is Laughing, Brigitte is Not Leaving the Ocean Towels Please! No Problem! Getting Dressed - Quickly Laughter Afterwards Brigitte and Mike Reminisce Post-Plunge In The Restaurant Afterwards In The Restaurant Afterwards activists arrive in January 01 Jim Makes a Wall 02 Kira is Cold 03 Lauren Power-shovels 04 Build That Wall! 05 Don't Tread On Us, Feds! 06 Don't Tread on Jim 07 Signs for the Passersby 08 Chris Wants the Feds Out 09 Kat Tells the Feds Where To Go 10 Jim Brings The Snow From Afar 11 Russell Builds a SNow Wall 12 Jim and Mike Build the Snow Seige Wall 13 Mike Adds To the Wall 14 Mike and Kira At Work 15 Don't Tread On Me 16 Mike and Kira Shovelling 17 Don't Tread On Me ^2 18 John Waves the Flag 19 Lauren Waves the Snake 20 Running Out of Snow! 21 Talking to Someone Who Stopped By "Big Mike is in there" Barskey dances a jig for Big Mike Russell and Barskey outside of Valley Street Jail Russell in front of Veteran's Park in Manchester Russell tells it like it is Sign at Valley Street Jail Valley Street Jail A Swing and A Miss! Another Attempt to Slay the Beast Don't Mess with That Sword! Jim Attacks the Eye of the Giant Jim Threatens the Photographer John Rocks a la Pete Townsend John Rocks Out Kira Is No Public Servant Kira Surveys the Scene Lauren Captures the Scene Mighty Jim! Richard and John Sing Their Woes Richard Likes Mike Richard Russell Short and Succinct Take That! The Tilters The Tilters Luau01 Luau02 Luau03 Luau04 Luau05 Luau06 Luau07 Luau08 Luau09 Luau10 Luau11 Luau12 Luau13 Luau14 Luau15 Luau16 Luau17 Luau18 Luau19 Luau20 Luau21 Luau22 Luau23 Luau24 Luau25 Luau26 Luau27 Luau28 Luau29 Luau30 Luau31 Luau32 Luau33 Luau34 Luau35 Luau36 Luau37 Luau38 Luau39 Luau40 Luau41 Luau42 Luau43 Luau44 Luau45 Luau46 Luau47 Luau48 Luau49 Luau50 Luau51 Luau52 Luau53 Luau54 Luau55 Luau56 Luau57 Luau58 Luau59 Luau60 Luau61 Luau62 Luau63 Luau64 Luau65 Luau66 Luau67 Luau68 Luau69 Luau70 Luau71 Luau72 Luau73 Luau74 Luau75 Luau76 Luau77 AtrSHMILL55 Tilting01 Tilting02 Tilting03 Tilting04 Tilting05 Tilting06 Tilting07 Tilting08 Tilting09 Tilting10 Tilting11 Tilting12 img longdesc= img longdesc= img longdesc= img longdesc= img longdesc= img longdesc= img longdesc= img longdesc= img longdesc= img longdesc= img longdesc= Liberty Scholarship Fund receives check for $500 from the Freedom Book Club Mighty Jim Sword-in-Hand Shawn Death (and Taxes) The Golden Boobies of Mambrino Oversee the Torture of A Guantanamo Detainee Lauren Wants the Feds Out Our Saviors Turn to the Right, Prisoner! Warrior Frees The Prisoner Family of Evil Lauren Sure Is Happy About Those Feds Leaving NH Hodgpodge of Activists John on Guitar Fast-hand John Anton Lee Records the Scene Kat Won't Pay Taxes Shawn Demands Surrender of the Feds The Feds Say Nothing to the Surrender Terms Shawn Looks Dejected, But We Accept Fed Silence as Acceptance of their Surrender! Taxes Paid for the Federal Courthouse A Knight-errant's Sword Attacks Taxes (and the Feds) Inseperable Lauren Records John Cute Protestors Cutest Activists Ever Picnic In The Park After Tilting Frisbee Lessons 420on4-20 01 420on4-20 02 420on4-20 03 420on4-20 04 420on4-20 06 420on4-20 07 420on4-20 08 420on4-20 09 420on4-20 10 420on4-20 11 420on4-20 12 420on4-20 13 420on4-20 14 420on4-20 15 420on4-20 16 420on4-20 17 420on4-20 18 420on4-20 19 420on4-20 20 420on4-20 21 420on4-20 22 420on4-20 24 420on4-20 25 420on4-20 27 420on4-20 28 420on4-20 29 Mike Barskey and The Prisoner Tilting at Windmills in April 2010 Death and Taxes 1 Death and Taxes 2 Death and Taxes 3 Death, Taxes, and Warriors John, Warrior, Prisoner, Lauren Lauren Canario Interview Prisoner Taxes at the Court Warrior at Court Warrior Vs. Taxes Brad Jardis speaks Brad Jardis Interviewed Crowd at Concord The Crowd Gathers Dave Ridley and Brad Jardis Ian Freeman on the Bullhorn Neal tokes Rich Paul on the Bullhorn Rich Paul Tokes EVERYBODY TO THE STAIRS Crowd from the Statehouse Stairs Rich bullhorn SMALL FILE 1 CIMG7198 4-25 FKF01 4-25 FKF02 4-25 FKF03 4-25 FKF04 4-25 FKF05 4-25 FKF06 4-25 FKF07 4-25 FKF08 4-25 FKF09 4-25 FKF10 4-25 FKF11 4-25 FKF12 4-25 FKF13 4-25 FKF14 4-25 FKF15 4-25 FKF16 4-25 FKF17 4-25 FKF18 4-25 FKF19 4-25 FKF20 4-25 FKF21 4-25 FKF22 4-25 FKF23 4-25 FKF24 4-25 FKF25 4-25 FKF26 4-25 FKF27 4-25 FKF28 4-25 FKF29 4-25 FKF30 4-25 FKF31 4-25 FKF32 4-25 FKF33 4-25 FKF34 4-25 FKF35 4-25 FKF36 4-25 FKF37 4-25 FKF38 4-25 FKF39 4-25 FKF40 4-25 FKF41 4-25 FKF42 4-25 FKF43 4-25 FKF44 4-25 FKF45 4-25 FKF46 4-25 FKF47 4-25 FKF48 4-25 FKF49 4-25 FKF50 4-25 FKF51 4-25 FKF52 4-25 FKF53 4-25 FKF54 4-25 FKF55 4-25 FKF56 4-25 FKF57 4-25 FKF58 4-25 FKF59 4-25 FKF60 4-25 FKF61 4-25 FKF62 4-25 FKF63 4-25 FKF64 4-25 FKF65 4-25 FKF66 4-25 FKF67 4-25 FKF68 4-25 FKF69 4-25 FKF70 4-25 FKF71 4-25 FKF72 4-25 FKF73 4-25 FKF74 4-25 FKF75 4-25 FKF76 4-25 FKF77 Free Russell 1 Free Russell 2 Free Russell 3 Free Russell 4 Free Russell 5 Free Russell 6 Free Russell 7 Free Russell 8 King of FKF Porcupine Party Bus FreeKeeneFest 2010 004 Illegal poker game Good day for outreach YAL UNH Custom jewelry Answer any question Poker Better than Vegas! Illegal poker Peace through hugs Crowd shot FreeKeeneFest 2010 029 Tasty. Balloon animals Balloon animals are always a big hit
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